A Different View on Student Loans

The classic investor doesn’t spend a dime until they have looked at all available sources of data, and this leads to better decisions for everything else that they decide to do. Why shouldn’t students look at things the same way that inventors do? After all, there are some strong parallels between the two fields. When you’re a student, you still have to sign your name to quite a bit of debt, unless you’ve found ways to attend school for free. If you’re an investor, then you’re buying things on margin where you really have a lot of pressure to turn a profit.

Student loans have been in play for a while, with plenty of people on both sides talking about the pros and cons. If you’re pro-loans, then you feel that they’re an investment. Not all types of debt are bad, and student loans are considered good debt.

Is it really that black and white? Not quite.

Degrees Should Have Value

Before we go into this section, it’s important to note that everyone has a different reason for going to college. We are all for it if you want to go to college just to learn something at a different level. Unfortunately, this type of student is very rare. Most people are in school to try to improve their job circumstances, and that means that they have to get excellent value for the money. They need to use the degree as a way to get a higher paying job. If they cannot find work that helps them earn back the money they spent, then the mission is a failure.

Student Loans

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