Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Guys

Before going to college, most of you spend their time in different ways. To some it involves doing an essay plan each day for those online essay jobs, you do each day. To others it is time to bond with their close relatives and friends before they go to college. However way you spend your […]

College Lifestyle: How to Make the Most of Your Future

Despite what high school might have you believe, college won’t provide you with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Statistically you’re more likely to reach the end of that rainbow and find miles of sewage to wade through before you’re offered a job that pays more than a few dollars an […]

3 College Application Myths Debunked

You know the symptoms: a pounding headache, a queasy stomach, and a vague feeling of anxiety. Luckily, education portals like Randstad Education understands all too well what young people are going through; thus, this article is to discuss the misconceptions and bust some of the most common college application myths that keep students from applying […]

The Benefits of Going to Film School

Filmmaking is an art form unlike any other. Not only do filmmakers need to have a solid understanding of what makes for a good film, but technical expertise, organizational skills and even an aptitude for financial planning are essential traits of a good filmmaker. You can spend decades studying filmmaking and still never master all […]

Does College Necessarily Need to be Expensive

If there’s one thing that college students tend to complain about, it would definitely have to be the price of going to college in the first place. If you are really thinking about trying to get things done, you will need to ensure that you truly consider the price of going to school. Now then, […]

Work In a Mini Vacation Before College Really Starts Up

If you tap into the world of last minute travel, you will be able to leave for a weekend or a long holiday and still be able to be the star student in the class. Believe it or not, everyone really needs to take a break. If you do nothing but work around the clock, […]

5 Common Mistakes in Writing an Essay on English Literature

The English language is largely considered very tricky, and when it is time to write an essay on a topic like English literature, things seem to be all the more tricky. It is important to ensure that you do not make any mistakes when writing this type of an essay because not only would it […]

See the World Before You Start College

It’s common to hear graduates, even those who’ve made a success of their time at college, reflect that they’d have done even better if they’d been a bit more mature before starting their course. Going to university is an amazing opportunity, not only to learn, but to forge connections with people who will go on […]

Education Help

Giving your child the best possible education is getting ever more important these days. Parents are becoming more aware of the fact that they will have to work together with their children as well as the school, in order to make sure that they get an all round education which will allow them to get […]

Choosing the Best College

Making a choice with regards to your higher education is a big decision that could effect the rest of your life. You need to be sure that the course that you have chosen will be the one that leads to the career of your choice and also that the specific college will give you the […]