8 Tips That Will Help You Become Everyone’s Favorite in College

So how’s life treating you, huh? You have just entered a new phase in your life, adulthood. You are officially an adult right now but your mother still calls up twice to inquire about your food. Pretty confusing, is not it? But even with all this confusion going on in life you must be feeling the charm of being an adult too. You get to make your own decisions and take up your responsibilities. I remember the feeling of not being answerable to anyone, that was pure bliss. But with this bliss came the stress to take up the right ownership for my acts.

There are too many things happening at the same time. Your college, moving out of your parents’ house, a new dorm room and probably a relationship too. This is a phase of transitions actually. The first major transition of your life, from you being a dependent child to an independent new adult. In situations like these, it can get difficult to maintain the balance between all aspects. What most students do wrong is get overwhelmed in these situations and have the wrong priorities. Instead, you need to understand the fine balance between entertainment and your career. Adulthood is that phase in your life that makes or breaks you for the rest of your lives.

What about your priorities, how important they are?

student tips

As a student in a university, you would have 4 major aspects of your life. They would be social life, health, family and your grades. It’s a very thin line to overdo one of these aspects. There will be more additions to each of these aspects as you go on. You will have to make your own strategy so as not to totally neglect your priorities in the long run. Life is about to become more stressful with more assignments and essays to attend to. But at the same time, it is important not to ignore your social engagements altogether.

There is this immense pressure to be best at everything. It might seem difficult to you right now, but trust me it is absolutely doable.

I have listed down tips that will help you be everyone’s favorite in college while you are nurturing yourself for a bright future.

1. Be a good listener

We humans love talking about ourselves, it’s hard to resist. Don’t make it all about you, make the other person feel special. Make it a point to be genuinely interested in their conversation, ask questions when they pause and make the right gestures. Remember, a conversation is not a competition. It isn’t about who sounds smarter, it is about how much data was transferred. This in return makes people count on you and make you more considerate. The feeling of being there for someone makes you calm and content.

2. Be emotionally stable

Students around you are in the same transitional phase as you. Your composure is to define and differentiate you. Be calm and stable, this will make people like you more. Have a good sense of humor and be selective about the battles you pick. For example, it is not a very wise decision to fight over a joke someone made. At the same time don’t hesitate to stand for your rights.

3. Get involved in university activities

Let students and professors know that you exist. You don’t necessarily have to participate, but be involved in the things going on around you. This makes it easy for people to approach you.

4. Be well informed

This is my personal tip for being a better adult. Being informed about what’s happening in the world around you makes you more knowledgeable. Sensible people like talking about facts and figures. People will take you more seriously when you know about the news and updates. This makes you more confident and excel in your communications.

5. Be in regular touch with your professors and alumni

Professors and alumni can be of significant help when you start looking out for jobs. They are experienced people and have similar backgrounds as you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with your questions. Ask them if would mentor you, this makes them feel valued.

6. Be attentive and have a routine

Your classes play a very vital role in preparing you for the competitive world outside. Don’t be late in your assignments and let them pile up over time. It’s best to have a routine that you stick to. Your brain makes it a habit to study or learn when you maintain a routine. Be open to new ideas and keep learning in life. You are like a clean slate right now, take as much knowledge as possible.

7. Be healthy

Your metabolism and immunity are both in their peaks right now. Your body is strong and young. But you will have to be careful if you want it to continue like this. Going out on a partying spree isn’t wrong but making it a regular habit affects your health and routine. If you can’t manage time for workout you can obviously pick up a sport. Make it a point to eat healthy and have healthier lifestyle choices that you can continue for long. i.e.- I take the stairs always, I picked up this habit during my University days.

8. Be yourself

In all this rush and tension don’t forget to have fun. Be genuine and be the way you are. Work on the lacunae you think you have and be a better student and human in general. Maintaining your authenticity goes a long way in your career.

You are actually shaping up your own life right now. I can imagine the immense pressure you feel because I have been through it too. But don’t you see the greener side here, YOU have the liberty to direct your life. It’s in your own control. Make the best out of it!