An Insight into the Term Paper Writing Procedure

A term paper is created after researching several resources on a particular subject.  Term paper writing is not a difficult task provided you plan the procedure in advance.  The first step is to select a subject after which you will have to research and find the right sources of material and prepare notes for your custom writing. Thereafter, you will have to prepare an outline based on which you can start writing on the subject. Editing is obviously the last and the most important part of this process.

Selection of Topic for Term Paper

While selecting the subject students often make the mistake of opting for a general topic. It is always better to select a topic that is specific as the chances of creating a quality paper on such a topic are high. Select a subject on which not much of research has been conducted but for which enough resources are available. A good subject will be based on interesting questions. It is important that you don’t look at term paper writing as a task rather looks at it as an opportunity to learn and explore a new subject.

Gathering Information

Sources are required to give life to the paper. Gather as much information as you can. The first hand information that is used to answer the questions is called primary data whereas the secondary data is obtained from already existing information. This information is gathered from books, magazine, articles on the internet etc. Here are some points that would help you in this process:

  • You must note down the name of the author, the title of the article, the facts of publication and Library Call number in case you have to refer to a book or a magazine.
  • If you have to refer to a news story then note down the subject, facts of publication and headline.
  • If you have to refer to periodicals then note down the details of the author, title, name, volume and page number of the periodicals.

All this information helps in time management as you will know exactly what you require when you visit the library.

Preparing Notes

Once you have identified the sources you will have to make relevant notes from the source material. Focus on the facts and be accurate. Make sure that you understand what’s written in the article and don’t misrepresent the author’s meaning. Don’t ignore the facts; many students tend to focus only on those facts that support their theory not realizing that the readers would be interested in the other side of the story as well. Carry out a calculated and well controlled research to guarantee good results on your term paper writing.

Working on the Term Paper Outline

After the notes are ready you must prepare an outline for the paper. Don’t rush up with things. Have a look at the notes again and ensure that the information that you have gathered is in line with the topic. You will have to figure out where all you would insert sub divisions. It is important to give your paper a scholarly look and this is achieved with the help of an outline.

Writing and Editing

While writing the paper, avoid long and complex sentences. Be accurate and dedicate every paragraph to one solid point. Once your paper is ready you will have to give the final touch. Editing is very important. Your paper should be error free. Whether it is footnotes, spellings or punctuation ensure that everything is correct. Also, remove any kind of irrelevant content from the paper. If your paper has graphs or tables ensure that they are easy to understand in one look.