Making the College Professor Your Ally

A college professor really doesn’t have to be the enemy at all, even though a lot of incoming college students seem to think that way. They’re used to the old method of thinking, popularized by the way high schools run. You’re expecting to go to war with your college professor, …

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Hitting College for the First Time – Without Fear

Being the new kid on the block really sucks. It feels like your life is changing too fast for you to actually recover, but who really wants to feel like that? This is the perfect time to really start thinking about the type of college experience that you want to …

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Perfect for the College Kids

Attending college is hard work and it’s time consuming. Not only do you have to allow for study time, you also have classroom assignments to complete. It’s not surprising that most college students only work part-time while attending school. And that means money can be tight. College students are always …

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Hitting the Wall in College – And Getting Over It

Eventually, even the smartest student hits something in college that we like to call the wall. The wall isn’t there to make your life miserable. If anything, the wall you hit is really a reality check. It’s a challenge to you. If you are like many successful graduates, you will …

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Take a College Tour – You Can’t Afford Not To!

Trying to take a college tour can be daunting, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be that way. If you’re thinking about touring colleges right now, chances are good that you’re still in high school. There’s a lot of money on the line, and going to the wrong college could mean that you’re missing out on a great financial aid package. It’s up to you to figure out exactly what you want to get done, where you want to go, and how you’re going to pay for it.

Yet it all starts with the tour. Even though it’s impossible to really get the full experience from a college tour, there is something to be said about going on them anyway. It’ll help you really figure out if a college is right for you. Don’t go with shiny brochures that make everything sound like a walk in the park. Go to the college itself and check it out on your own terms.

If you’re traveling with your family, here’s a few ways to get the most out of the college tour experience.

First and foremost, make sure that you’re taking everything with a grain of salt. As mentioned earlier, the college needs to sell you on going there…and only there. So on college tour day, expect everything to be coated with a thick layer of salesmanship. They can’t afford to lose you as a customer, and that’s exactly what you are — a customer. You are being sold to within the entire experience. That doesn’t mean that college isn’t worth it — merely that you need to decide who actually gets to win you at the end of the day. Ask good questions and don’t settle for canned responses. If you’re curious about a program, ask about it. If you’re wondering where you’re going to actually live, ask about that too.

Try getting away from the tour guide and asking real college students that attend how they like it. The tour guide is most likely going to be a student, but they are encouraged to sell you on going. They will tell you anything that you need to hear in order to get you to do that. Ask students that aren’t that invested in it — that will help you understand what life is really like there.

Ask about the overall mixture of students. For example, what percentage of the school actually participates in Greek life? If an overwhelming number of students are Greek oriented and you don’t want anything to do with a fraternity or a sorority, you could end up making yourself pretty irritated in the long run. It makes more sense to go where you know that you’re going to fit in. If you’re a non-Greek and you’re on a campus surrounded by practically nothing but Greeks, it’s going to be a lonely place. Without realizing it, frat guys and sorority girls tend to associate with their crowd and that’s about it. They don’t really mean for it to end up that way, but it’s often the way it boils down to.  Make sure that you’re protecting your social life as well, because you are going to have to network with other college students, and networking has become more important than ever before. Being able to get personally endorsed and recommended by someone is the name of the game here.

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Studying Abroad: All you need to know

College is a time for having new experiences and learning about yourself and the world around you. There’s simply no better way to do that than by studying abroad. These days, study abroad opportunities are affordable, flexible, and highly customizable to fit the needs of your academic program. Use this …

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Dorm Decorating Deals Give You Immense Control Over Your New Space

Here’s something that’s worth getting excited about: dorm decorating deals! As you begin changing around the look of your brand new space, you have to start considering everything that’s going to go in there — and everything that isn’t! As long as you’re focusing on the bigger picture, there’s really …

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It’s Never Too Late to Make Your Dorm Room The Talk of the Floor!

Look, let’s be honest: college has its definite share of ups and downs. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do what you can to make your dorm room the talk of the floor. It just starts with having a good checklist.

Checklist? No, we’re not trying to be boring as your professors or anything — but having a checklist helps you not only get everything you need, it also helps you save a great deal of money too.

From dorm bedding to a good alarm clock, you can get what you need to make school truly an awesome experience. After all, if you’re going to pay to go to class, you might as well have something nice to come home to, right?

Here’s a good infographic that shows you exactly what you need to have on hand to make your dorm room the talk of the floor — don’t forget to stock up on all of the essentials right now!

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Start Making Yourself Attractive to Employers

The prospects facing new graduates today are arguably the toughest to be confronted by any cohort since higher education became widely available. These days earning a degree is no guarantee that you’ll be able to break into your desired line of work. To make a real impression on prospective employers, …

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