If you are looking for a College in Boulder where you can get a high quality Christian-based education, then there’s just one place to go – Rivendell College.

Rivendell College is a liberal arts college that is neither rural nor urban, but something that is closely in between. More particularly, it is found in Broadway, in a neighborhood residents refer to as The Hill. Its strategic location at the foot of Rocky Mountains makes it accessible to among the world’s best tourist spots and ski resorts.

Rivendell is not by any standard your traditional Christian college. Although it uses pretty much the same books used by top universities in the state, Rivendell encourages friendly debates among professors and students and allows its students to grow beyond the textbook context. Rivendell students may interact with students from neighboring institutions, and they can even take elective courses at the University of Colorado. Likewise, UC students are encouraged to also enroll in Rivendell.

Emphasizing the need to build an understanding of the heritage of the Christian tradition, Rivendell offers courses and programs suited to this end. One can major in Religious Studies, Spiritual Formation and Ministry, Leadership and Organizational Behavior (online), Business Administration or Western Civilization. Interdisciplinary certificates in Marriage and Family Studies and Youth and Family Leadership are also available. There, too, are graduate programs offered in the fields of Christian Studies, Christianity and Culture, and Spiritual Formation.

Because of the need to maintain its credibility and high quality of education, Rivendell admission policies are comprehensive. First of all, students have to have the right goals and aspirations that are in tune with the mission and the values Rivendell goes by. They also must complete an essay where they can express all these. At the same time, they must agree to a lifestyle covenant requiring them to “maintain high standards of integrity” in all aspects. That means refraining from “explicit immodesty, use of pornography, sexual relationships outside the bounds of marriage”, and so on.

If you are seeking an undergraduate degree, you need to submit your high school diploma, G.E.D. or its equivalent, together with your application form. Application forms for admission to Rivendell can be downloaded from the Rivendell website itself. After filling it out completely, you must submit it, together with the nonrefundable fee amounting to $30. In addition, you must support your application with pertinent documents If you are going to study full time, you will also be required to live within the Rivendell residential facilities.