Colleges In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a city that sits at the foot of Pike’s Peak, one of America’s most famous mountains. As one of the most populous cities in Colorado (it’s actually next to Denver in population), Colorado Springs prides itself of a bustling community and, not surprisingly, a great number of universities and colleges. Yes, when you are after high quality education without burning holes in your pocket, begin your search with colleges in Colorado Springs.

One popular option is Colorado College, widely known for its Block Plan, a unique program that divides one academic year into eight segments or blocks, each one running for three and a half weeks. The Plan requires that students take just one principal course at a time, thereby giving more focus to a particular subject. After the completion of each block, students are given a four-day rest to rejuvenate and refocus so they become more motivated in time for the next block.

Perhaps, you may also be interested in IntelliTec College, which specializes in fast tracking your career training. It offers a range of technical programs in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Grand Junction.

One of the colleges in Colorado Springs is Pike’s Peak Community College which has been operating for the past 40 years or so, and supporting an open-door policy. This should make you feel most welcome and comfortable, regardless of race, religious convictions, and social class. Pike’s Peak has more than 125 programs leading to an associate’s degree. What’s more, class sizes are quite small, which makes learning highly individualized and on a more personal level.

College America offers accredited undergraduate degree programs particularly in Medical Specialties, Healthcare Administration, Business Management and Accounting, and computer-related courses. One can also complete a Master’s Degree through Stevens-Henager College, which CA is affiliated with, in a little over a year. Plus, the college’s FastFlex programs are amazing – they allow you more flexibility to take your classes via online or through a traditional classroom setting. Although the cost of attendance is fairly affordable, students have the option to apply for grants, scholarships, and student loans to help them through the entire program. What’s even better is that CA offers employment assistance to its graduates, thus making job hunting less stressful.

Aside from these, there are many notable universities in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, among which are the National American University, Colorado Technical University, University Sports Publications, and University of the Rockies.