Coming Back From Winter Break – Get Back In the Game Fast

Winter Break is ending for many students attending college this week, and this means that it’s time to get back in the game. Even if you’ve enjoyed just laying around the house and playing video games, we have news for you: your classes are going to be starting up fast, and if you get lost at the beginning it can take weeks to catch up… if you ever do, of course. It’s better to make sure that you’re well prepared from the very beginning.

So, what do you when you feel more inclined to play on that shiny new Xbox One you got for Christmas rather than attend to homework? We’re glad you asked.

First off, you need to realize that you committed to something beyond just this moment. Getting your degree is going to open so many doors it’s not even funny. In fact, we surveyed a lot of our friends that dropped out of school before they got their degrees and they all said the same thing: life was a lot better when they were in college. They had access to a wide band of connections that all seemed willing to help.

We’ll reveal a secret about letting go of school — once you’re out of college, people instantly want to know why. If you drop out of college, then, you need to have a pretty good reason. If you commit to doing something, then decide halfway that you want to give up, this isn’t looked upon favorably. People will always ask you about what you’re really trying to achieve in life, if you’re going to give up your degree plan so quickly. Sure, you might dream about being the next college dropout that goes on to get very wealthy, but this outcome isn’t very likely.

Staying in school is the best option that you have when it comes to truly crafting your career. In fact, there are plenty of careers that are extremely difficult to enter unless you have that degree on your record. And don’t try to bluff or fudge the truth on this aspect — if you don’t have your degree, this is something very easy to find out. You do not want to get caught lying about something so easy to check. Sure, there are cases where people didn’t double check this basic point but you would be surprised how many people do decide to look it up. Sometimes the tests can be pretty simple, like asking you to send email from your schools’ address. Most alumni are allowed to keep their school address indefinitely, no matter how long it’s been since they attended school. So that’s just one little way to see whether your story checks out. You may be required to submit official transcripts from the school, and those cannot be faked either.

What you need to do in order to get back into the game is to take everything seriously. Reach out to all of those tutoring sessions that you might have blown off. Talking to the professor and indicating that you really are serious about trying to ace their class by any means necessary can go a long way. If you’re in freshman classes, you’ll find that sometimes the class is tough just to see who will stick it out versus who will quit. College is a world that’s all about consistency and showing up. So it’s not just enough to say that you want to improve — you have to mean it. Trust us, saying that you want to do better is a good start. However, if you don’t follow it up with actual action steps, then you’re really not going to accomplish anything anyway. People will see that you’re just full of hot air and refuse to have anything to do with you.

Get back in the game at any cost, people. Your education literally depends on it!