People opt to go to a community college often for economic reasons. It does not mean, however, that you are compromising your future because you didn’t opt to get your bachelor’s degree from a regular college.

There are many community colleges in the world that offer two-year programs that lead to a Bachelor’s degree. If you happen to be in Texas or close to Texas, you may consider Dallas County College. There are seven colleges that compose the Dallas County Community College District – Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake, and Richland, making it the largest institution in Texas offering over a hundred in-demand undergraduate programs.

What makes DCCCD unique is that it provides a relaxing atmosphere that makes learning more fun, rather than overwhelming. There’s a kind of homey feel to it so you are at that that comfortable level when learning becomes more effective.

At DCCCD, students are made to feel important, and it helps a lot that class sizes are generally small, enabling a more personalized approach. The teachers always take time to talk to their students so issues are immediately addressed.

DCCCD understands that not everyone has the time to attend normal classes. That is why it offers you the option to attend classes at nights or weekends, whichever is more convenient. Credit classes can also be taken via the internet. With hundreds of programs available, all of which are high in demand right now, there is bound to be one suited for you.

DCCCD prides itself of its graduates who have landed great jobs in their chosen field, proving that DCCCD’s reputation of providing quality education is not all hype. DCCCD utilizes various teaching methods and does not limit itself to traditional books. It also has a wide range of resources, traditional and not, including well-equipped and updated libraries.

DCCCD is online, too. By logging in to its website, you can check your grades or register for classes or even pay your tuition.

That’s not all – DCCCD has one of the lowest cost of tuition in the state of Dallas. A 3-hour credit course costs only $123 if you are a resident of Dallas County. However, even if that proves to be difficult for you to cope with, the school offers a range of financial programs in the form of grants, loans, or work-study programs, to assist you in obtaining a college degree.