Front Range College

Front Range College is the largest two-year community college in the State of Colorado. FRCC offers a wide array of course options leading to an Associates Degree in the areas of the Arts, Science, Applied Science, as well as General Studies, in particular Criminal Justice Studies. It focuses its mission and vision on providing the highest quality of education to its students, based on the understanding that each student is unique with different needs and goals. Needless to stay, FRCC values its students more than anything and its curriculum, programs and activities are designed with that in mind.

It only takes a few steps to register to front range college. There is a form online that you can readily download and fill out. In all cases you have to be at least 17 years of age, although admission does not necessarily mean that you will be automatically accepted to just about any program you want to apply to. As a resident of Colorado you are entitled to receive a part of the state-paid tuition, but you need to sign up for the College Opportunity first.
Although the cost of course programs is very affordable, there are numerous financial aid options you can avail yourself of, and these range from grants to low-interest student loans. There are comprehensive requirements to meet however, so students are advised to seek consultation with the Financial Aid Office to help them through the nitty-gritty process. Should you need financial help, it is advisable that you apply early because the process can take around 6-8 weeks.

Apparently, you need to take an Assessment Test in order to get in to the program of your choice. What are being assessed here are your reading comprehension, language and math skills. This only requires two hours of your time and there are study guides available to help you through. Having done that, you must consult with an advisor to help you choose the program where you are deemed fitted.

Now that’s done, you must register for the program, and this you can do in person or via the online route. Keep in mind that there may be lots of other students applying to the same program, so to ensure that you get the best slot, register early. The Advising and Counseling Department of the school can guide you along the way.

Now you can pay your tuition and fees. Make sure that you don’t go beyond the allotted time frame, otherwise, you will be dropped from your classes. There are a few other things left to do – activate your FRCC email account to get information via email, purchase the necessary books and supplies, get oriented by attending the New Student Orientation, and secure your official student ID. That’s it – now you are officially enrolled in Front Range Community College – which basically means, you are on the road to success.