Hooks for Writing an Essay about the USA Independence War

Each student has to write a great number of different academic papers: essays, articles, reports, research works, etc. This business seems boring; therefore, it is extremely important to know how to make it less formal and express your creativity while making the task. One of the best ways is to use different hooks in the text. Using various means of expressiveness such as hooks, you will kill two birds with one stone: first, you attract the readers’ attention from the very beginning, and second, you are able to make your writing style brighter. In this article, you can find different types of hooks to use in your paper.  Spider Essay Writing service is ready to help their customers 24/7.


The United States Revolution: Examples of Attention Grabbers

You may have an assignment to create a text concerning essential historical events like revolutions. Certainly, each military conflict is a very serious issue to discuss but it is not the reason to refuse from using catchy sentences in your work. You may use attention grabbers as follows:

  • Statistic data. It is possible to commence from the phrase: “The United States spent 151 million of dollars during the American Revolution”. Further on, you can give your own evaluation concerning these financial costs and what influence they had on the country’s economic conditions of that time.
  • A rhetorical question. It is a very interesting way of starting the composition, but try to avoid simple “Yes” or “No” questions, and ask something to make the audience warsle with the difficult subject like, “What if the American Revolution was lost by the New American patriots?”. Opening composition in such a way, you will have an excellent opportunity to debate what advantages the certain conflict had.
  • Quotes of famous people. A successful way to create a more exciting paper is to give a citation concerning the event. It is possible to give the citation of one of the Founding Fathers Thomas Paine, who wrote a lot about it. In this case, you may simply turn attention of the audience to the impressive results of the conflict and also provide readers with evaluation of results by well-known politicians, for example, John Linder who told that the Founding Fathers would be proud of the path that the thirteen colonies have taken since then.

Following our simple recommendations, you can create a serious but at the same time captivating composition concerning different historical events.

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