Is An International Development Degree In Your Future?

If you have ever heard the expression “Be the change you want to see in the world” an international development degree just might be in your future. Students pursuing a college degree in international development studies are in greater demand than ever before. Global interest in everything from water purification opportunities to fair trade practices means that the opportunities for a college graduate within this niche are virtually endless.

What is international development degree?

For those unfamiliar with exactly what an international development degree entails, think of it as the study of development programs, but on a global rather than a local scale. If you need an experienced professional to construct a water purification system in Zimbabwe, you would likely hire someone with international development experience. If you need to coordinate a relief effort in a natural disaster area in a foreign land, you would look to the expertise of an international development consultant. From aid organizations in war-torn countries to businesses hoping to expand their reach to a global market, all are in need of talented individuals well versed in the nuances of international development. For those people interested in connecting individuals across cultural lines, international development studies are an excellent option to consider.

What courses are available?

Training for this type of college degree normally covers a wide range of topics. Some courses will offer training in industry standards and business law pertaining to specific countries. Some courses will offer training in international research skills and management practices relevant to specific niches. Still other degree programs will offer students work place assignments in foreign countries as a means of obtaining on the ground training. Different degree programs offer different features and benefits, so interested students have to make the effort to see which programs are best suited to their individual needs. Long term goals differ from student to student, so no one program is right for every student. By determining ahead of time whether you are interested in a degree focused on cultural studies, NGO management, or management and marketing studies of international organizations, you can choose the degree program best suited to your individual needs.


An international development degree by no means relegates you to a career overseas. Students with this type of college degree can find themselves working for political organizations in their own country, charitable organizations with a global focus, or even entrepreneurial businesses focused on a global marketplace. The opportunities for graduates with a college degree in international studies are limited only by their own imagination and drive to succeed. If making a difference in the world is a goal you aspire to then this just might be a career path worth pursuing.