Pueblo Community College Durango

When it comes to community colleges, Pueblo Community College in Southwest Colorado ranks as one of the most innovative community colleges in the state of Colorado. Fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission as a two-year college, PCC is ever changing and moving according to the current trends. PCC is almost in every county in Southwest Colorado. Residents of Durango, in particular, should be most pleased of the presence of Pueblo Community College Durango Campus. Not only is it more accessible, it’s also very affordable.

Even if you find the tuition and other fees to be more than what you can afford, no worries as there are all forms of financial help you can qualify to in order to get through the entire program with ease. Aside from Federal and private grants, the college also offers a wide range of low interest student loans and a work study program which provides employment for both full time and part time students. Anybody with the right motivation and attitude can certainly take advantage of any of these.

At Pueblo Community College Durango, age is not a factor to get an education. You can be 60 and still earn the college degree you’ve wanted for so long, and there’s even a Senior Citizens Scholarship program that you can avail yourself of, so long as you are a resident of Colorado and you meet the qualification standards.

One should not feel the lack of course options and programs because honestly, there are lots to choose from – from basic courses like English and Math to the more technical programs such as associate degrees in Nursing, Electronics, Business, Arts, Science, Applied Science, and General Studies, to name just a few. PCC is, in fact, known as a leader in Health Care Education. Almost all graduates of the college’s health programs get job placements soon after they graduate, and some even before they graduate.

In the 75 years of its existence, PCC goes by an open-door admission policy, which basically means that you can apply as a student for as long as you are 16 years old. However, this does not guarantee that you will be enrolled in the course of your choice if that happens to have admission pre-requisites that you are not qualified to. Needless to say, applying to PPC should be trouble-free as there are forms available online. All you have to do then is to print the form, fill it up, and then send it to the main PCC office.