Should college students buy a new or a used car?

Paying for college is already stressful enough, but now you need to try to get your first car! When does the spending end? Unfortunately, this is only one of the many purchases that you’ll need to make in your life. There will be plenty of purchases to make after this one. The good news is this: buying your first car feels good. It can be confusing as you start learning about all of the considerations you need to keep in mind, but it gets better.

The infographic below will give you all of the right information you need before it’s time to go shopping. Look at the infographic a few times if you need to, because there’s plenty of interesting facts here. What will you choose for your first car? Will it be a new car or a used one? No matter what you choose, make sure that you take the time to also look at getting good vehicle insurance. Being safe on the road is one thing, but accidents can happen even when you’re being careful. Getting quality coverage helps you keep more of your money going to your education, not to expensive car repairs!

Although it’s tough to save up for your first car, you’ll absolutely love driving everywhere that you want to go. It sure beats having to wait for public transportation, that’s for sure!

First Time Car Buyer Infographic
First Time Car Buyer? is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree