The Benefits of Going to Film School

Filmmaking is an art form unlike any other. Not only do filmmakers need to have a solid understanding of what makes for a good film, but technical expertise, organizational skills and even an aptitude for financial planning are essential traits of a good filmmaker.

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You can spend decades studying filmmaking and still never master all of the disciplines associated with the industry, but attending film school sure is a good place to start! Here are five great reasons why going to film school can be a great kick start to a career in the industry:

1. Art Cannot Exist in a Vacuum

Unlike writing or painting; filmmaking really isn’t something that can be effectively pulled off as an individual (or, at least, not very easily). Film school is a great place to meet other like-minded individuals with which to collaborate with, and it’s through such bonds that filmmakers produce their finest work.

2. It’s not just about what you know…

Almost as an extension to the first point, attending film school is a great opportunity to build connections, which will make your subsequent career path a little smoother. Obviously having a good network of contacts can’t replace solid filmmaking skills, but combine the two and you’re all set.

3. We can film it. We have the technology!

Most non-professional filmmakers don’t have a $10,000 camera lying around the house, but at a film school, a student has access to both professional-grade shooting equipment and an editing suite fit for Hollywood.

4. A Cut Above the Rest

The film industry is famously competitive, so any advantage – no matter how slight – is worth its weight in gold. It’s also a sad fact that your resume is often the one and only shot at impressing someone in the industry rather than your film work. As such, having a degree from a renowned film school such as the New York Film Academy, (led by Vice President, Jeremy Snepar) or work experience with Universal Studios can really put you ahead of the game.

5. A Light in the Dark

As mentioned, there’s a hell of a lot to learn when it comes to filmmaking and it can be very daunting to know where to begin (or where to go next). Film school is a conducive environment in which try out new things, challenge yourself and, ultimately, navigate through the maze.