The Great Spring Dorm Room Transition

It is the onset of spring in Texas again, and the season brings with it the commencement of the new academic year. Freshmen come rolling in to university campuses and graduates say their teary goodbyes. However, the great transition is not the one happening at the campus, but the one taking place in the dorms.

Students who are either transferring in or leaving the campus need to be fully equipped to manage the process. Expect impalpable emotional distress and lots of mess during the moving-in and moving-out day in the dorms, but this transition period can be made easy if you follow a few steps. Remember, organization is the key!

The first step is to complete all formalities and paperwork with the dorm room authorities. If you are moving in, you can get in touch with your future roommate in advance to settle the arrangement of large items in your room; you will not need two television sets or printers. This way you might save up space in the room and even save some money.

Pack essential items and avoid carrying unnecessary baggage on your first arrival at the dorms. Organizing, sorting, and packing in a systematic way can make your job a lot easier.

There are many Houston and Dallas self storage units in Texas, as well as storage units in other states, that can help the university students in logistics. Prepare to combat the urge to add useless items into your baggage; restricting your accompaniments can be challenging, especially for dorm life novices. Whether you are moving in or out, packing in boxes will make it easier for you to transport your belongings.

Expect some emotional distress as well. While you will be busy worrying about the logistics, the feeling of leaving home will also keep nagging you. Adjusting with new people can be hard, and life in the dorms is very different from home. The best way to fight this sulking feeling is to stay in groups during the first few days, and participate in the activities laid out for the freshmen on campus. You will be introduced to each other and the rules of the university, and these sessions can be extremely helpful in settling you down.

Graduating and leaving university for good can also be a little mind numbing. Whether it is the sadness of leaving your roommates or the fear of entering the ‘real world’, moving out can be equally stressful. The best way to fight this stress is to organize the moving process as much as possible, so you will have little to be troubled about. Remember that moving out is only the beginning step after you graduate; there will be a lot more to face once you move out of campus.

During this week of shifting, the students already staying on campus are equally affected. They will be disturbed by the clumsy new freshmen and the seniors packing away. These students can also expect a lot of disturbance; some might also have new roommates to settle down with. In this case, a little patience and a helpful attitude can go a long way.