Three Ways to Reduce your Stress Levels when Studying for Exams

Exams and assignments may put a strain on your mental and physical health, making university life a less enjoyable experience than people say it is. When it comes to balancing work and pleasure, it’s important to plan ahead as being in university or studying for exams can be overwhelming.

You should always put your health and well-being first. It’s critical to be aware of the warning symptoms of stress and to take steps to alleviate it. While you’re studying, here are three simple strategies to reduce your stress level.

Take Frequent Breaks 

Avoid overworking yourself once you’ve established a time and place for concentrated study. There are some students who believe that being in the zone and studying for hours is the best way to study. Take a few brief breaks and get out of the office or out of your study room. Take a stroll and listen to music, take a few minutes away from your computer and get a sense of fresh air because after you come back you will feel motivated and more awake.

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Eating Healthy

The temptation to order takeout or skip meals is strong, but resist! A balanced diet will not only improve your performance but will also improve your overall well-being. Cooking nutritious meals at home doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, if you’re very organised, you can even take up meal planning. On a Sunday, prepare all of your meals and store them in containers in the freezer for the week ahead.

Maintain a Regular Sleeping Schedule

Make sure you obtain eight hours of sleep on the days you want to study, by having a regular bedtime and wake-up time, you will sleep better because your body will be used to it and also, you will perform better at your studying as your body would have rested well and will feel charged the next day.