Worried About Being Profitable in a Bad Economy – Stick with STEM Degrees!

If there’s one thing on a new graduate’s mind, it’s this: the economy. They want to make sure that they’re going to be able to take care of themselves without having to phone home every other week for “just a little bit more money”. This type of thing might be acceptable to your parents for a little while, but they will soon get tired of having to support you. It actually makes a lot more sense to look at the nature of your degree as it relates to the overall job market. While this can be difficult, there are some long term statistics that can be analyzed. It’s been shown time after time that STEM degrees — those in science, technology, engineering and mathematics — hold their weight well compared to degrees in history, art, drama, political science and the dreaded “liberal arts” degree, which is far too general and vague to mean anything to an employer.

It might sound “mercenary” to some and “cruel” to others, but what you major in really does make a difference in terms of your overall profitability in the job market. If you think about all of this from the right perspective, you’ll see exactly what we mean here. Do you really want to spend the money to go through all of that training for a degree path, only to find that you’re not able to get a job in that field? That would really be a waste of your time, and it’s not something that we think you should be taking lightly at all.

It’s not just new graduates that need to think about how to protect themselves — incoming university students also need to be thinking strongly about their futures. Just trying to live in the moment might be fine for a commercial aimed at your target marketplace, but in real life, grown people have to make brown people decisions. You are going to be judged by how well you can take care of yourself. And even though two incomes are definitely better than one income, who really knows when you’re going to be able to find a partner to pool resources with, or get with a business owner that has a really hot idea?

It’s completely up to you to figure out your path, which can be the scary part. But if you stick with a STEM related degree, you’re bound to find work that can lead to better paying jobs and hence, a much more stable income down the line. Pay attention in class today and reap the benefits of great work down the road. Good luck!