How Getting a Global MBA Can Kickstart Your Future Career

Many people look at a masters of business administration or MBA degree as the credential necessary to take their career to the next level. However, the sheer demand for the degree has led to a number of specialised MBA programs.

Let’s look at how getting a global MBA can kickstart your future career and the value it provides both its holders and the organisations they work for.

International Expertise

We’ll set aside the possibility that a global MBA program teaching you what you need to know for international business will attract an international student base, providing networking opportunities with people from around the world, since it is not limited to this particular MBA program. The greater value, one intrinsic to any global MBA degree program, is learning how to devise business plans, handle negotiations, and organise human resources from anywhere in whatever model suits the project best.

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However, unlike an international business MBA, you’re equally prepared to work in your home country while outsourcing project work to another nation as work as an expatriate. You’re also learning how to develop business strategies for a variety of political climates, legal structures, economic systems and other factors.

The Ability to Work Almost Anywhere

We already said that a global MBA program teaches you what you need to know to manage a diverse workforce in addition to the general business management courses taught by the program. This is a strong selling point for stepping into managing a diverse workforce in your home country, such as managing a mix of natives, immigrants and migrant workers.

You can work anywhere with anyone, whether they are all in the same building or managing distributed work teams from the same company scattered around the world. Multinational companies, in particular, hire people with an MBA in international business or a global MBA.

Your Degree Stands Out from the Crowd

There are literally millions of people with an executive MBA, earned by people aiming for the C-suite regardless of their personality and skills. The “early career” MBA is offered mostly to recent college graduates who hope that an MBA lets them stand out from those with only a bachelor’s degree, though it has turned into just another credential and often worth less than a project management or continuous process improvement credential. The global MBA degree, on the other hand, is open to both middle managers and upper managers, while teaching both groups what they need to know to move up in the workplace or expand the business itself. Furthermore, the global MBA is recognised worldwide, whereas hiring managers may ask what an entrepreneurship MBA taught you.

You also don’t want to earn a degree that is too niche, such as an MBA in information systems or e-commerce unless you want to be locked into that niche. A broader MBA teaches you formal business management, risk management, business planning and other skills.

A global MBA prepares you to manage any business and deal with the complexity of international business. Programs like Bologna’s Global MBA Degree will give you a window to the world and allow you to rub shoulders with students from all over the world which could open you to a whole world of possibilities and a brand new perspective on entrepreneurship as a whole.