College In Colorado Springs

Colorado College is one College in Colorado Springs that provides a unique educational experience to its diverse students. Its Block Plan, in particular, allows greater flexibility in that the academic year is divided into eight 3 weeks and a half blocks and students have to go through one course at a time, same is true with the teachers. Some courses take just one block to complete but other courses may require more than that. This enables the student to give full concentration on a particular course, resulting to a greater mastery of skill.

Formal lecturers are not common under the Block Plan, but seminar discussions and lab work are. Class size is usually small, just between 16-25 students, and this largely enables the students to actively participate, rather than become just mere observers of what is going on. There is a certain room assigned for each class, and this room is to be used exclusively by faculty members and students who are involved in that particular course only. They have all the liberty to schedule when they want to have their meetings or conduct discussions. One can certainly enjoy a great degree of flexibility with this program. Teachers and students are free to do what they want to achieve the course goals. They can be innovative, creative, and adventurous. They can explore anything and everything without limit, without thinking that they have to go by the book.

At the end of every block, usually on the fourth Wednesday at noon, students are then given a four and a half day block break. They can use this time to relax, rejuvenate, and experience Colorado fun activities in order to get their creative juice running again.

The cost of education is very affordable, and for those who still find it difficult to cope with the tuition and other fees, a wide range of financial options are available. When applying, inquire about grants, scholarships, and low interest loans that you can qualify to. There’s a team that will review your application and then advice you which financial aid you would benefit the most from. There are no guarantees, of course, that you will be approved a grant or a loan, but it’s always worth a try.

As a new student, you may find this an overwhelming experience, but no worries because you will be provided with a wealth of information that you will find very useful as you try to adapt to the Block system.