Community Colleges Denver

Colorado Community Colleges take pride in providing high quality education at affordable prices. Anybody who dreams of getting a fresh start or better job opportunities may begin their search in Denver, Colorado. Community Colleges Denver offer two-year and four-year courses that are up to date and in tune with the times.

The Community College of Denver, in particular, boasts not only of its over 125 programs to choose from, but also of faculty members who themselves are noted experts in their field. Because class size is usually small, you can expect a highly individualized type of learning. What’s more, you can have the option to study the traditional classroom way or via online.

At the foot of Rocky Mountains comfortably sits RedRocks Community College. Having been around since 1969, RedRocks has established a name for itself as one of the community colleges with the highest quality of education and number of courses offered in Denver. It boasts of 14,000 students annually who come from different social classes and cultural backgrounds, and over 150 programs and 650 courses, including health care, speech language and audiology, computer technology, fire science, and law enforcement.

Professionals and experts make up the faculty team of RedRocks. Average class size is only 20, course schedules are flexible. This makes it convenient for moms to juggle their time between work at home and their studies. A big plus is the very affordable tuition. Accordingly, RedRocks has the lowest tuition in the state of Colorado, and even if that weren’t the case at all, there are a number of financial help in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships that one can avail himself of.

Down in 7350 Broadway, Denver is Westwood College, a community college where you can literally jumpstart your future in as little as three years. Westwood has a team of experts with the willingness to help you gain all the experience you need to succeed in your chosen area of specialization, be it in business, health care, industrial services, justice or design.

The Emily Griffith Opportunity School in downtown Denver is a no-smoking, Spanish-speaking school offering courses in cooking, culinary arts, cosmetology, automotive, fashion design, mechanic, accounting, and welding, among others.

Not many who go to college end up getting the job they’ve always dreamed of, but when you go to Community Colleges Denver, you can be almost guaranteed of a job soon after you graduate because Community Colleges Denver are among those with the highest job placement rates in Colorado.